Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bill Baird and Birth Control

I was very impressed by Bill Baird's lecture on the right to privacy today. His presentation was easy to follow and very powerful. I thought it was great that he talked about his personal quest and the way that he educated people in the past on birth control while simultaneously teaching us, not about birth control but about the options that existed during his fight. Just imagining what the world would be like, not just for me but for women I know, and even complete strangers is terrifying. Not only do we have "people polution" and population problems, but money is a huge issue for a large portion of that population. Without the Supreme Court ruling of Baird's case, the poverty and despair of our nation would be astounding. The concept of contraceptives seems so basic to our generation that it is easy to dismiss or take for granted. I know girls who have had abortions, and to think about any one of them trying the abortion techniques Baird introduced today makes my stomach lurch. I'm so grateful that he stood up for this cause because if not him, then who? By sacrificing or gambling his time, energy, resources, money, and reputation Baird has prevented thousands if not millions of women from enduring the pain that comes with the denial of rights to their own bodies. The rulings of his Supreme Court cases were important for privacy rights for ALL people (gay, straight, man, woman), but most prominently pulled women out from under men's shoes, allowing them to control their bodies, control their futures, and control thier circumstances.

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