Monday, March 2, 2009

Timeless love?

I'm glad this chance presented me with the opportunity to see Harold and Maude. When I first looked up a description I was still lost as to what the film could be about. Now, I realize that no blurb could possibly do it justice. Let me first say that I found Maude pretty annoying. When she wasn't doing quirky things that made me laugh out loud I secretly cringed everytime she opened her mouth. She loves life, I get it, now chill out. Harold, on the other hand, I couldn't get enough of (and no, it wasn't because of those sexy pants he wore). He was preoccupied with death for a large portion of the film and I think he was searching for a blance somewhere between it and life, which he found in Maude. I think the film showed that love is the midway between life and death. There is pain and sorrow and happiness and a connection in love. The enigmatic ending was also indicative of this balance. He is able to fake his death yet again, but once he deals with that pain he is able to play music and dance because Maude has taught him that life needs to be lived. The film itself is one of those works of art that can never be fully interpreted correctly. There are new meanings in every scene and an understanding of the message is personal rather than universal. The movie was entertianing and meaningful, a rare combination. Although I still think the age difference is really creepy, I think it was Maude's wisdom that ultimately saves Harold.

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